About Us


Beautiful Beginnings was founded in 1994 as the first labor & postpartum support team in San Diego County! We were founded by 5 women, all Certified Childbirth Educators, dedicated to supporting women & families through their birth process and the into the first year of parenting. Those founders were Rosemary Mason, Cathie Aymar, Stacey Scarborough, Stacie Hoffman and Viki Bettis whose extensive training as childbirth educators began in 1993 through the Childbirth Education Association of San Diego. Our mission statement reflects that of the International Childbirth Education Association: “Freedom of Choice, based on knowledge of Alternatives.” Our goal is to provide information, education, empowerment and support for all types of birth experiences, supporting all personal choices of the parents, and providing a doula for every women who wants a doula.

Today, we have grown into a group of more than 37 birth and postpartum support professionals who provide you with loving care for all stages of parenting!

As the need for doulas grew in San Diego, we began to welcome other trained doulas into the organization. Today, we have many women who not only provide labor and postpartum support, but can also offer an array of different types of support and needs for the new family, such as massage, yoga, holistic health, Hypnosis for birth, fitness needs, nutritional support and chiropractic needs.

FoundersAs Birth Doulas, we become a part of your birth experience as that additional support person. We provide a calm, reassuring presence to the couple during the birth. We help in many ways: provide emotional support, physical support such as massage or distraction techniques, and educational support-providing answers and information. We help you achieve your birth, no matter what choices you make, and help the partner feel confident in their role as well.

The Postpartum Doula helps out in the first few weeks after the baby is delivered. New Moms are always in need of extra help. We can be contracted to come into the home to help with housework, baby care, breastfeeding help, and reassurance.

Doulas 2011Our referral network offers services for a variety of needs: in-home childbirth education, referral to community based classes, refresher preparation for the repeat birthing couple, and breastfeeding help. Our information is the most updated available. Our network of doulas allows you the confidence of always having a doula to meet your needs.

Beautiful Beginnings is a great beginning to your new life as a parent. Our San Diego site is designed to offer you local resources for your childbearing year!

Our goal is to meet your needs during your pregnancy, parenting and beyond, as well as helping you find your passion as a doula!

For additional information about Beautiful Beginnings, call our office number at (619) 583-1129.