Birth Doulas

I couldn’t have survived my delivery and post partum period without Nova. We used her pregnancy preparation and placenta encapsulation services when our son was born in November 2013. Nova is amazing! She was patient, kind and extremely informative in our prep session. Her high level of service and dedication to her craft is impressive Nova is an incredible find and I highly recommend her services.

My husband and I had Kiersten as our doula for the birth of our son.  She was very helpful before, during, and after the birth.  Before birth, she helped us finalize our birth plan and really helped me to work through some stressful family issues that were making it hard for me to focus on the upcoming birth. I had quite a long labor that was little scary at times, and Kiersten was by my side through all of it making sure I had enough to eat and drink, that I was as comfortable as possible, and sometimes just holding my hand. After the birth, she has checked in with me and my husband several times, and has given us several tips for dealing with newborn. I would recommend Kiersten to anyone looking for a doula.

My wife and I chose Beautiful Beginnings for the birth of our first child.  Stacey Scarborough was our doula and we don’t feel like we simply hired a doula, we feel like we made a friend for life and someone who will forever be linked to the most important day of our lives.  Stacey met with us a number of times in our last few weeks of pregnancy to review our birth plan and advise us on the process once we started labor.  She also introduced us to her back-up doula, which was a feature of Beautiful Beginnings that really impressed me. Stacey’s greatest strength was her birth coaching. She was respectful and worked well with the doctors and nurses the entire time.The decision to hire Stacey and Beautiful Beginnings was by far the best one we have made as new parents! I hope all our decisions as parents turn out this well.  I’m honored and proud to recommend Stacey to anyone seeking a doula in San Diego.

We love BBBS. The birth and post-partum doulas are wonderful and there are so many to choose from to suit your personality and needs. Diana Kay was our birth doula and was simple amazing. She has great experience and was able to see us through 23 hours of labor. We also hired Leilani Wilde as our lactation consultant post-partum. She was very encouraging and knowledgable. We highly recommend both of them. This is a great organization with San Diego’s best doulas.  They have profiles of all of their doulas online and some of them have specialties in other areas such as lactation, photography, placenta encapsulation and massage.

With all of the pregnant women I know right now, I would be remiss not to mention the best ever doula. If you don’t know what a doula is or what they do, head on over and check out her webpage. She was with me for Micah’s birth and it’s like having an angel in the room. Especially for you first time mommies, remember that your husbands are doing it for the first time too and having a trained support person (angel) with you for labor and delivery is priceless. I heart Doula Rindi Cullen-Martin!

Postpartum Doulas

Marjorie is amazing!! I would recommend her to anyone looking for postpartum doula care. As first-time parents with no family in town, we were overwhelmed at the thought of bringing our newborn son home from the hospital and having no idea what to do! Marjorie is an expert at what she does, and we felt completely comfortable with her from the first time we met her.  She is so sweet, patient, down-to-earth, and incredibly helpful with anything and everything relating to baby care! I’m so glad we found Marjorie, and I know any family would feel the same way!

Megan started working for my family as soon as we brought our twin boys home from the NICU. I knew we would need a lot of help getting adjusted to our first babies, and Megan was there from the start, working 4-5 days a week including some nights. She was a major factor in helping us successfully transition from a couple to a four person family, and helped out with everything from light housekeeping (laundry, bottles) to cooking (she’s an amazing chef!). Most importantly, we always felt like our boys were in good hands. She is reliable, responsible, and caring. She helped me become a great mother and was so supportive of me during this challenging time.

I can’t recommend Beth highly enough! She helped so much when we brought our little baby home from the hospital. As first time parents and recovering from an emergency C-Section, Beth provided the warmth, support, knowledge, and compassion we needed. Not only that, but she LOVES babies. Her enthusiasm is heartfelt and my daughter responded so well to her.

I would highly recommend Janet to any family in need of Postpartum care. She truly puts our minds at ease when she is here because we know we can trust her and she will take care of our baby as if it is her own. It has been a blessing to have her in our home. She has a beautiful, calm, nurturing energy we love.

Having a Doula help out with your newborn is a very important decision and one that takes a lot of consideration, especially when finding the right Doula you want to trust in your home and with your baby. I have worked with Beautiful Beginnings twice.  Based on my extensive research, they have some of the most professional, highly trained Doulas.  My experience with them was great.  After several interviews with different doulas and companies, I chose to work with Ah-Ling and we hired he to help as a night post-partum doula. My husband and I are both high energy/intense people, so we loved having Ah-ling help as she has a very calming touch and gentle soul. I referred her to one of my best friends who also worked with Ah-Ling.  I highly recommend their company and services.

I worked with both Rosemary and Audrey as post partum doulas and thought they were both amazing.  I am a first time mom and don’t completely know what I’m doing in every single aspect in raising a child. Every single mother that I encounter who confides that they feel like they need help with their child, I tell them about Beautiful Beginnings.  For me, they were a God send.  I just wish I knew about them sooner!

“Compassionate, caring, concerned, comforting…. Being a Doula is Cara’s gift. Experience has been her teacher. Love is her guide….”

From the Mom: “You made the road back so much easier!! You saved my life.” From the Dad: ” You saved my family and I’ll never forget you. You gave me back my wife.” -Regarding Cara

I can’t say enough good things about Patti. I am soooo glad we found her and hired her as out PP doula! As a fist time mom, I didn’t quite know what to expect in bringing home a newborn. I also do not have any close family living nearby who could help me, my husband works long hours and I care for my elderly mother who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s so I knew I was in desperate need of some help once my baby arrived. Well, help she did! The first night Patti stayed over, I woke up to breakfast in bed! She walked my dog, made dinner, tidied up around the house and was so kind to my confused mother. I really felt she was like my mom or auntie (she’s too young to be my mom) helping me out. I felt so comfortable with her. Patti has so much experience with babies with having 4 children and 5 grandchildren as well as all of her doula experience, I really learned a lot from her. She just loves babies and babies love her too. Added bonus is that she’s a good cook and makes yummy Italian meals. I was so sad to say goodbye to her. Patti is worth every penny! She is that extra pair of hands that you so desperately need after bringing home baby. If I get pregnant again, she is going to be the first person I call.

Loretta is so extremely well informed and has an amazing way of explaining things and nurturing you thru such an extremely difficult transition in your life. Constantly re-instilling confidence, love, support and education. Loretta was the reason we had our second baby :). Any family who is lucky enough to be blessed with this woman in their lives is receiving the greatest gift to their new family.

Here are some words to describe Patti Partipilo; knowledgeable, loving, strong, generous, dedicated, caring, responsible, professional, and humble & ‘down to earth.’ This is a letter to confirm our great support of Patti Partipilo, certified Doula. Patti is an intensely dedicated and loving person who believes deeply in the importance of being a great Doula. We needed a Doula because this was going to be our first child. We knew we would have to depend on her. We found Patti very professional from the start. Patti was an exceptionally strong and positive person. Patti helped make it all manageable for our small family. We couldn’t give her a higher, more sincere recommendation.

Teresa supported and guided me in how to nurse twins and how to cope having been in the hospital two weeks post delivery. She was able to read my mind on what I needed and delivered everytime without me needing to ask. She is an amazing doula!

Michell’s help was invaluable to our family. She kept our household running and made sure that I had plenty to eat and drink as I was recovering from my c-section. With her help, I was able to get the rest I needed to recover from my c-section, especially since I have a two year old in addition to my newborn. Michell was great with my 2 year old daughter and helped me with her while she adjusted to having a new baby sister. Michell is unobtrusive yet takes the initiative to do the things that a mother with a newborn doesn’t have the time or energy to do. She magically gets things done while you are resting or spending time with your baby and family. She is wonderful with children and both my newborn and my toddler took to her immediately. She is very knowledgeable about newborn care and has a real knack with babies and children. After discussing different breastfeeding positions, Michell helped me figure out the position that works best for my baby and me. I was having trouble with engorgement, and she gave me tips on what to do, and also how to prevent it. She provided me with information regarding milk storage. Michell is a natural at this, and she met and exceeded all of my expectations.

Jaime Marzan has worked as a doula for my infant boy/girl twins from two weeks after their birth until they turned three months old. Jaime is anoutstanding caretaker. She is reliable, dependable, and incredibly warm and loving. I trust her implicitly with my children. She has superior judgement and always goes above and beyond the expected. My twins adore her, as do my husband and I. I recommend Jaime without reservation in any position dealing with children. I cannot say enough about how wonderful and special she is. Any child would be very lucky to be in her care.

Teresa is the best! She is very good with babies, they love her. She supports the family in their decisions, she has knowledge on several subjects and provides books as well. I would definitely recommend her.

Placenta Services

I used the placenta encapsulation services after the birth of my second son and couldn’t be happier. I have experienced no baby blues and my milk supply is amazing. I also haven’t taken any pain killers since I began taking the capsules. I would recommend this service to any pregnant mom! (Referring to Trisha Olow)

Even though I didn’t have Nova as my Doula, I still had her encapsulate my placenta and make a tincture for me. The capsules & tincture far exceeded my expectations, by giving  me great milk production and literally no baby blues whatsoever. Nova also far exceeded my expectations by making sure that I was handling the transition to new motherhood and also making sure I knew I was supported if I needed her. Nova was definitely meant to support and nurture woman throughout such a special time, I’m grateful she was a part of mine.

Birth Doula Training

Stacey was incredibly knowledgable and kind to all of us. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trainer.

Dear Stacey, Thank you for the excellent training you gave! It is truely inspiring for me to see how you continue to grow and expand in all of the areas that you contribute to women, babies, and families in San Diego and beyond. It pushed me forward. Thank you!

Childbirth Education

I’ve been meaning to write and say how grateful I am that we had Trisha to help us. My husband works nights and weekend, so it was hard to find a childbirth class to fit his schedule. Trisha was kind enough to come and teach an intensive class one evening at our home. Everything she taught us was so helpful! We labored at home most of the time. I was able to do everything naturally as I wanted to. I am so thankful that Trisha was a part of this experience. I’ve already recommended her to friends.

Cannot say enough wonderful things about Trisha. I’ve had her as a birth instructor, doula and placenta encapsulator and she excels at them all. She is kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and incredibly intuitive, all things you want in your birth professional.

Lactation Consulting

Leilani is absolutely amazing!! I have been seeing her since my daughter was about 3 months old (she is now 11 months). Leilani has helped me solve so many issues with Breastfeeding from oversupply and a strong letdown to doctors telling me to stop nursing and me not believing I need to. She is supportive and knowledgeable and can help give you real truthful information on pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. I have sent more than one of my friends to her as well and they found everything they needed. I can’t express the amount of gratitude I feel towards Leilani and the time she has taken to help me and my daughter continue our breast feeding relationship and make it as successful as possible.