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Christina Rodriguez

Birth Doula (DONA)

Christina has been helping with babies for as long as she can remember. Being one of the older children of a large family gave her early experiences of the proper care of little ones. After 27 years of a wonderful marriage as well as birthing and raising four amazing kids, she has decided to turn her love for babies and desire to serve and encourage women through this most precious time of life-the birth of her child.

Christina is a recently trained birth doula, by Stacey Scarborough and Diana Kay, and pursuing her certification with DONA. She is excited to get this next career started with expectant moms seeking that mature, calm and peaceful presence that she brings to all life situations.

Raised in the San Diego area, Christina has lived in various states and overseas with her family as her husband’s military career provided these opportunities. She has worked both as a volunteer and professionally for the support and care of families in the military and abroad while at the same time raising her kids during her husbands many deployments. She has a passion of being there for women during these times of becoming new moms and adjusting to what life brings at each transition.

She would love to meet you and explore the possibility of being your birth doula.

Contact Information:
(619) 955-2169


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