Our Doulas

The Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas listed below have all been trained through an internationally recognized workshop and are experienced doulas in the field.  Each doula is an independent contractor and is purely a referral from this site. Please email or call them for more information about their experience and background. Evaluations and references can be made available.  To learn more about each doula, please click on their name.

Birth Doulas

If you would like a personal referral for a birth doula,

please click on this link

Diana Kay

Danielle Samuelson


Laura Baker

Leilani Songer

Maya Fishman

Dara DeSoto

Tabitha Lynn Trotter

Stacey Scarborough

Tamara Hobbs


Ginger Lea Armstrong

Jenn SmithJenn Smith

Frédérique RosséFrédérique Rossé

Nova Bella Conte

Postpartum Doulas

If you would like a personal referral for a postpartum doula,

please click on this link

Loretta Sandridge

Marjorie Strattford

Ah-Ling Thayer

Michell Adelson

Ann De La Torre

Stacey Scarborough

Leilani Songer


Audrey Bogorad

Tracy Fengler

Jenn SmithJenn Smith


Emily Stocking

Tabitha Lynn Trotter

Beth Machado

Eva Greenberg

Nova Bella Conte

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