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Dr. Alison Zebron PT, DPT

Dr. Alison is a doctor of physical therapy that fell in love with the pregnant and postpartum population after having her own children. She has been practicing for over 5 yrs and all over the country. After 2 traumatic births , Dr. Alison decided to research more about birth to be more informed. During this journey, she learned about birth doulas and started the process to becoming one! You can describe her doula style as holistic. Breath work, comfort, being informed is what she wants for her clients. Knowing more about birth helps you make more informed decisions about your own care! Dr. Alison is also ok with being hands on in providing physical comfort to relieve back pain in labor. In addition to serving women as a doula, Dr. Alison is passionate about healing women heal postpartum and prepare for birth using her skills as a pelvic floor therapist. Helping women achieve their optimum birth and heal holistically afterwards has become her life passion.

Hi! I’m Dr. Alison zebron. I’m a physical therapist and birth doula! I love helping women On their birth journey in a holistic way! I’m very calm and gentle, and a good listener. I have 2 toddlers so I’m pretty good in high energy settings. I homeschool my kids and enjoy sunsets at the beach. I like to dance ballet recreationally as well as bake bread for my family. I live in clairemont with my husband and kids.


 Is able to take 0-2 births per month
 Charges $900+ per birth

Alison has experience with: 

Breastfeeding Education
Sibling Integration

Alison also offers

Pelvic floor physical therapy
 Breastfeeding Education

Contact Information:
(516) 313-3494





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