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Danielle Samuelson

As a birth doula, Danielle is reassuring and helps empower her clients so they can have the birth they want. Danielle was trained through DONA (Doulas of North America); which is a leading organization in training and supporting doulas worldwide. Before Danielle was a birth doula, she worked as a labor and delivery nurse for over two years. During that time, Danielle found her passion for supporting women while they were in labor. Although Danielle loved being a labor and delivery nurse, she did not like how little time she had to connect with patients, and how she could not fully support and educate the families as they needed it. Hospital policy and the nurse to patient ratio kept her from giving laboring women the support they needed; such as, allowing them to walk, helping them with breathing or spending more time with them. When Danielle moved to California, she decided to change jobs and pursue being a birth doula. As a birth doula, Danielle is able to support laboring women per their needs on a one-to-one basis. Danielle is very comfortable in hospital settings and can help ease clients fears or anxiety about being at a hospital. Danielle also worked at a birthing center during her clinical rotations, and enjoys supporting women who choose to give birth at home or at a birth center as well. Danielle can help clients get into ideal positions to move the baby down, she can help create a calming environment through music and lighting, and she can help with initial breastfeeding after the birth. Danielle believes in using a holistic approach to pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum care. Danielle would be happy to recommend women to different services such as yoga, massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture. Above all else, Danielle wants to support mothers in whatever decisions they make, so they can have a satisfying birth experience.

Danielle is light and positive. She brings good energy to those around her with her warm and encouraging spirit. Danielle grew up in Texas and moved to the Clairemont area to be closer to her boyfriend. Danielle is very close to her family and enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews. Being fun Aunt Dani is the role Danielle cherishes the most. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys sewing, which she learned from her grandmother. Sewing is a way for Danielle to connect and honor the memory of one of the most influential women in her life. Danielle also practices Vinyasa yoga three to five times a week. Danielle’s yoga practice has helped her connect with herself in a deeper and more meaningful way, and helps to create balance in her life. Most of all, Danielle enjoys being outdoors in nature. Danielle takes advantage of San Diego’s beautiful weather whenever she can by frequenting parks, running on the beach and hiking different trails.

 Is able to take 2-3 births per month

Dani has experience with: 
VBAC Experience
Home birth
Infant loss

Dani charges $700-900 for birth doula services

She offers discounts to military families.

Contact Information:

(724) 250-8603



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