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Eva Greenberg

Eva strongly believes in women’s empowerment and brings her love for pregnancy, women, and the incredible postpartum time into her services. Education is empowerment and Eva wants the moms and families she works for to feel supported and loved through whichever decisions they choose to make. Eva has completed birth and postpartum doula trainings and is eager to continue to delve into the doula world. She also has been serving others through teaching yoga and brings yogic philosophies to her families to help empower them. Eva hopes to connect with you soon and support you through this beautiful journey.

Eva enjoys surfing, swimming, running, yoga, cooking, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. She is a natural caregiver and her hope is to guide her mothers and families in their own decision-making. Eva lives in north Pacific Beach and is willing to travel for jobs.


 Works both days and nights
 Is available for travel
 Is willing to work on holidays
 Charges $30-35 per hour
 Is flexible on her rate

Eva has experience with: 

Cooking / Meal Preparation
Working with Surrogate Familes
Nanny work

Eva also offers:

Yoga/ Fitness Education

Please inquire directly with Eva for her rates.  Offers a sliding scale.

Contact Information:
(650) 388-6992

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