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Jenn Smith

Jenn Smith

Jenn first discovered her passion for childbirth in 2000 when she was invited to witness the birth of her nephew. This experience was the start of an amazing journey as a birth worker. Jenn first became a birth doula in 2004 and has been blessed to have served over 100 families over the years. After 2 beautiful home births using HypnoBirthing® techniques, she was inspired to become a HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, and was even trained by Marie Mongan, the author and creator of HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method. She decided to expand her childbirth education knowledge and also received certification to teach Alpha Childbirth classes, for families looking for a faith-based birthing experience. Along her journey, Jenn discovered the amazing benefits of placenta remedies and was trained by APPA, the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts, to offer placenta services to postpartum mamas. Jenn’s mission as a birth worker is to help eradicate the fear of birth that has been ingrained in our beliefs due to cultural and historical influences. Helping women learn to trust the birth process and trust her body’s ability to birth her baby is one of the most important parts of what Jenn can offer the families she supports. Jenn is passionate about home birth, but also loves serving women in free standing birth centers and hospitals as well. Her support is invaluable wether they choose to have an unmedicated birthing experience, a medicated birth or a cesarean birth.

After the birth of her son, in 2017, Jenn really began to understand the struggles that some women face during their postpartum period. This experience prompted her to pursue more training as a Postpartum Doula and Jenn began to provide postpartum support for families. When mothers are sleep deprived, it is very difficult to process the onslaught of emotions and challenges that face them daily. Jenn has become super passionate about serving women and their family overnight to help support their night time parenting efforts and to help them feel more equipped to handle the task of raising their newborn baby(s) in this fast paced world.

Jenn has open and trustworthy demeanor, she is honest and filled with joy. She loves to smile and has a very inviting personality. She has been blessed with a loving husband and 4 beautiful children, 3 teen daughters and a baby boy who was born in July 2017. On the weekends you will find Jenn at one of her children’s many sporting events, at La Jolla Shores beach with her family, or BBQ’ing with her awesome neighbors in University City where she and her husband purchased a home that they are currently renovating together.

As a birth doula, Jenn:

 Charges $1100 per birth
 Is available to take 1-2 births per month

As a postpartum doula, Jenn:

 Charges $30-40 per hour

Jenn has experience with: 

Breastfeeding Education
VBAC Experience
Working with Surrogate Familes
Home birth

Jenn also offers:

Childbirth Education
Massage Therapy
Placenta Encapsulation

Contact Information:
(858) 888-0630


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