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Juanita Harris

Juanita Harris

After two years of volunteer birth support, Juanita decided to actively expand her birth knowledge in an effort to improve birth experiences for all women. Juanita has trained with several organizations to provide balanced birth and postpartum support in a way that honors the clients’ choices. The valuable knowledge imparted by the trainers has been utilized while supporting clients considered high risk, VBACs, non-medicated, medicated, cesareans, twins, hospital and birth center births. She understands how important it is to have continuous, positive support during labor and delivery and her clients frequently comment on the passion of her servant’s heart. Sharing her expertise with new families and helping them feel confident in their decisions aids families through this transitional season of life.
Herself a military wife and mother of three, Juanita balances her time between her personal family, her birthing network, the military community and church. By keeping her heart full, she delights in helping others fill theirs.

As a birth doula, Juanita:

 Is able to take 4 or more births per month
 Charges $900+ per birth

As a postpartum doula, Juanita:

 Work both days and nights
 Is available for travel
 Is willing to work on holiday

Juanita has experience with: 

Breastfeeding Education
VBAC Experience
Nanny work

Juanita also offers:

Placenta Encapsulation
Information on insurance reimbursement

Please inquire directly with Juanita for her rates.

Contact Information:
(619) 632-2173



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Juanita Harris

Juanita Harris

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