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Katherine Gallant

Katherine is a trained birth doula and yoga teacher. Her primary goal as a doula is to facilitate a positive and empowering journey to motherhood. She is calm, empathic, and warm. Kathetine’so practice is evidence-based, and she endeavors to provide resources that help clients make the best decisions for themselves and their families through pregnancy, labor, and beyond.

Katherine is a resident of Mission Beach and has lived by the ocean her entire life. She loves yoga and has a daily practice of both yoga and meditation. She can often be found hiking in the mountains, enjoying a book, and spending time with her friends and family. When she’s not working as a doula, Katherine is an engineer. She holds a Bachelor of Engineering, a Master of Liberal Arts in Sustainability and is passionate about her work to create positive change in the world through sustainable development.


 Charges $300-500 per birth
 Is able to take 0-2 births per month
 Speaks French

Katherine has experience with: 

 Katherine is a newly trained birth doula

Katherine also offers:

Yoga/ Fitness Education

Contact Information:
(858) 230-0079


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