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Krystah Smith

As a Navy veteran, military spouse and mother, Krystah often reminds women that they are always themselves before anything else. You will often hear her say to “fill your cup first.” As an Alternative Medicine student, with plans to attend Midwifery school in the Winter of 2018, Krystah always finds herself adding on to her skillset. As of September 2016 she completed training and licensing in Mamalates which has a core focus in Diastasis Recti. Her other Certifications are in Infant Massage Instruction, Acupressure for Birth Instruction, Herbalist, Prenatal Yoga Instruction, Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Instruction, Budhha Baby Yoga Instruction, Belly Binding, Mother’s Healer (Closing of the Bones), Placenta Encapsulation, Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. She also hosts a weekly postpartum mothers’ support group.

As a doula Krystah has been thoroughly trained with Dona International with leading Child Birth Educator Stacey Scarborough, Sacred Pregnancy and has attended 80 births to date. Being a birth doula is the most rewarding and empowering passion for Krystah. When delivering a baby, you transform into a woman who bares her soul. You become the strongest and purest form of you. Being able to witness such raw beauty is breathtaking to her. Being there to look you in the eyes and tell you that you are doing this and that you are doing it exceptionally well is Krystah’s calling. For her, serving women in the capacity of their birth and postpartum experiences teaches her about life and herself. It is a way for her to share her energy, love and spirit with the world. This is what Krystah was meant to do. She is the Keeper of the Spirit in your birthing space and will always keep that space sacred for you.

As a matter of fact, it is incredibly beautiful to witness that first interaction between parent and child. Whether it is mother and mother, father and father or mother and father (And she LOVEs surrogates) it is the most wonderful thing for her to see the first smile and hear your first words to your baby. After all, witnessing your first interaction as a parent truly makes Krystah appreciate being a mom even more. On the contrary, so does wine.


Krystah loves her children like no tomorrow but one thing she expresses is that she is Krystah first..then she is mom. She lives a healthy lifestyle, although she loves cupcakes and the occasional brew. We are talking kombucha, wine and beer…she believes it sustains life as a parent occasionally.

Krystah has tasteful fun tattoos, may drop a swear word here and there in an informal setting and always holds true that she is never perfect. Her husband calls her a dirty hippie…she promises she wears deodorant, does not smell like patchouli and won’t run at you with sage to cleanse your soul. Although she does sage her home.

You will often find her wearing a crazy fun printed pair of pants so if you know where to get them let her know. Krystah likes to grow her own foods and reach her hands in the dirt. She loves to be outside and experience all that San Diego has to offer. She has an energy about her that provides calm, laughter, support, and passion. She can be incredibly compassionate, but also give good direction in a stern manner when asked for or needed. And if you can’t tell, she knows how to make you smile, laugh and, at the same time, flip the mood to support you the way you need to be supported.

Krystah has 2 amazing birth children who can either keep her totally sane…or insane depending on how they slept the night before. They are her world though! Ascia, her daughter is her best friend and Meryk her son is the gift she didn’t think she wanted (you can ask her what she means if you’d like…it’s the very reason she became a doula). Krystah’s kids run barefoot and they love that their mama homeschools them. She has the blessing of also being a bonus mom (aka step mom) to her bonus babe Mylo. Although he lives far she has a love for him that spreads the distance. Krystah also loves pregnancy, birth and family so much that she became a surrogate and had an amazing free-birth in her home in November to her surrobabe “August”.

She is prior military and married to an amazing man who has a few short years left to serve. They love binge-watching all of the crazy weird shows on Netflix together and yes as cliche as it sounds these two lovebirds met at their favorite bar in South Park. Krystah has been in San Diego for 11 years and has no plans of ever leaving what she calls home.


 Charges $500-900 per birth
 Is able to take 2-3 births per month
 Is willing to work on holidays

Krystah has experience with: 

Sibling Integration
Cesarean Recovery
VBAC Experience
Cooking / Meal Preparation
Working with Surrogate Familes
Nanny work
Postpartum Mood Disorders
Home birth
Infant loss

Krystah also offers:

Childbirth Education
Yoga/ Fitness Education
Placenta Encapsulation
Information on insurance reimbursement
Belly Binding
 Mother’s Healing
Mother’s Roasting
Mama Warrior
Acupressure for birth
Infant Massage Instruction

Please inquire directly with Krystah for her rates.  Discounts available.

Contact Information:
(619) 559-0426



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