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Marily Demere

Postpartum Doula
marily.demere“Nothing can compare to a mother’s love – it is the force that brings us into existence and sustains us through a lifetime.

“I have been a postpartum doula since my training in 2001 and absolutely LOVE helping families with new babies! I bring knowledge, support, warmth and humor in my “Doula Bag” and am well known to pack fresh flowers, home made items and other treats that brighten your day, as well. Having raised 3 children (in San Diego) I also bring a “full-family perspective” to my clients. I have been working non-stop since my training and have lots of experience with twins. My expertise is in establishing a gentle routine (or a schedule, if you prefer) that promotes regular eating and sleeping cycles. I have completed the Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) course and am current in both Adult, Child, Infant CPR and First Aid & Family Safety certifications, as well. I am inoculated, vaccinated and motivated to be the wind under your wings! My care truly is Heaven Sent.”

Contact Information:
(858) 344-3367

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