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Megan Ameral

Certified Postpartum Doula 


Hello! I was born and raised under California sunshine. My mother made deep connections with me during our postpartum days home after my birth which created a bond that is everlasting. My love for comforting mothers and supporting families started with the birth and raising of my beautiful little sister who is seven years younger. Many years later, I began working as a Nanny for my close friend’s children of four. I became passionate about family dynamics and how to encourage positive connections. My close friend, Sarah Burns, inspired and mentored me as I began my journey to become a Postpartum Doula.
My calm serene nature supports the birth of a new family. Nurturing the new family with an supportive, positive and non judgemental is most important. I am a volunteer here in San Diego to assist ones who are deaf and hard of hearing and use American Sign Language to communicate. I provide baby American Sign Language for parents and infant early communication. Being able to communicate at such a special age allows baby to become confident in their expressions and parents to become connected with what baby is telling them.

I am experienced in working with preemies, multiples, ages from birth to 13 years old and families with special allergies. Overnight and day. I am a certified postpartum doula through DONA. I am CPR trained and certified under American Heart Association. My passion is based on helping mother’s and father’s feel supported, loved and have the confidence to care for their growing families. I love to support the birth of a new family. By appointments only.


Contact Information:
(619) 672-7876




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