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Nancy Tortorice

Gentle Birthing Services
Certified Birth Doula (DONA), Certified Childbirth Instructor (HCHI), Certified Newborn Educator, Certified Hypno-Doula (CHD)

Nancy TortoriceGentle Birthing Services can be a part of the miracle of life for you and your baby. As both a Childbirth Instructor and a Doula, I am dedicated to assisting expectant single mothers and mothers with birth partners achieve the birth they desire, in the most natural way possible.

My vision is that every new life will journey into this world through the gentle birthing that occurs when mothers are reminded of, and guided into the inner wisdom they already possess. A gentler, calmer beginning means a gentler, calmer baby. Gentle Birthing is making a difference one birth at a time.

Hypnobabies is a 6 week/18 hour complete childbirth education course. Using Self -Hypnosis techniques, expectant single mothers, and mothers with birth partners learn, instant relaxation techniques, creation of hypno-anesthesia, deepening cues, and fear release. In addition, our curriculum includes Physiology, Comfort in Pregnancy, Labor Choices, Birth Plans, Nutrition and Exercise, Birth Balls, Fetal Positioning, Birth Partner Training and much more. Students receive the Hypnobabies Workbook, 8 CDs (12 tracts), and techniques for back labor along with other invaluable handouts.

I also teach Newborn Classes for mothers-to-be and mothers with newborns. These classes incorporate both The Happiest Baby on the Block and the Dunstan Language Program.

The Happiest Baby Program teaches parents how to turn on their baby’s calming reflex to soothe their baby’s cries, and also to help their babies sleep a little longer. You will be given step-by-step techniques to easily, effectively and quickly calm even the fussiest baby.

Through the Dunstan Baby Language Program you will learn to interpret your baby’s sounds and cries so that you will be able to respond to their needs. Babies can and do tell you what they need from the very beginning. The sooner you recognize the sounds and their meaning, the quicker your baby’s needs will be met. Your baby will become more relaxed, confident and happy — and so will you!

As a Doula, I provide Hypno-doula services for those who have completed the Hypnobabies® childbirth classes as well as traditional Doula services.


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