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Tabitha Lynn Trotter

Tabitha has given birth to 10 children. Seven of them were as a surrogate (including a set of twins), and three were her “keepers”. In 1994 she opened a surrogate agency (the first of its kind in San Diego). To facilitate the separation between surrogate and child AND encourage the bond between Intended Parents and child, she attended the births of the surrogates in her agency. Although she didn’t know it at the time, she was acting as a doula!

She helped surrogates find positions to encourage labor, reassured the surrogate’s husband as he navigated his role as the surrogate’s primary coach, explained to the Intended Parents what each stage of labor was (and how they could help their surrogate and her husband), worked with the hospital staff to transition the baby to its parents, and helped the Intended Parents when they took their baby home.

In 1997 while pregnant with her 7th child, Tabitha attended a childbirth class with her Intended Parents. That’s when she learned of doulas and knew that was what she wanted to do. In 1998 she was certified through DONA as a birth doula. She continued her surrogate agency, providing her doula services to her surrogate clients and began accepting doula work outside of her surrogate business.

In 2002 Tabitha gave birth to her 9th child. This was her child. She attempted to continue her doula work after this child’s birth but found it difficult to be on-call for laboring patients while being on-call for her breastfeeding baby. She chose to spend more time home with her child and let her certification lapse. Meanwhile, she also closed her surrogate agency to focus on her baby.

It’s easy to imagine she has first-hand knowledge of many different types of labors and deliveries: singles, twins, premature birth, short labors, long labors, fetal demise, gestational diabetes, unmedicated/medicated, and vaginal/cesarean/VBAC births.

In 2017 the love for doula-ing was reignited in Tabitha, whose 9th child was now in college (yes, she graduated from high school early, but that’s a story for another time). Although she was in the process of moving out of state, she knew she wanted to work on her certifications and training as soon as she was relocated to San Diego.

Tabitha has been married for more than 30 years. Although she has given birth to 10 children (Babies 1, 2, and 9 were “keepers”. The others were surrogacies.), she has just one living at home now.

Tabitha can often be found knitting or crocheting, but her favorite hobby is baking cookies, muffins, or breads. She prefers giving away the items she has made or baked than to keep them for herself. She is a cat lover but admits the dog she got for her husband has found a way into her heart.

Fun fact about Tabitha: she doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables. Despite this, she has low blood pressure, low cholesterol, and is in overall good health. She acknowledges that her dietary habits are not recommended, but she can’t overcome her dislike of fruits and veggies. Her weakness: potatoes. She’ll eat them any way they are prepared, and has been known to eat them raw! Her favorite beverage? A glass of cold skim milk.

Tabitha isn’t a fan of sports. Her only exception is Super Bowl. Although she doesn’t understand football, she loves watching the Super Bowl game (even if it is for just the commercials!).

Tabitha likes helping people. Words of encouragement, assistance in a store, or paying it forward in a drive-thru at a fast food are some of the ways she does this. She is a giver, a servant, and a fixer. She is generous, yet thrifty. Soft, yet bold.

As a birth doula, Tabitha:

 Is able to take 2-3 births per month

Tabitha has experience with: 

Breastfeeding Education
Sibling Integration
Cesarean Recovery
VBAC Experience
Cooking / Meal Preparation
Working with Surrogate Familes
Infant loss

Tabitha also offers:

Breastfeeding Education
Childbirth Education
Information on insurance reimbursement

Tabitha’s birth doula rate is $900+

Tabitha’s postpartum doula rate is $25/hour

Discounts for military moms, single moms, etc

Contact Information:
(619) 483-1915
Tabitha Trotter Doula Services

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