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Teresa Weinstein


Certified Postpartum Doula (DONA)

Being a postpartum doula is my passion! I am a mother of three and I know from experience how rewarding, challenging and sometimes overwhelming parenting can be. Parenting is a process where you constantly learn, nurture and love your children. You’ll discover new skills and insights along the way that will allow you to learn what works for you and your family. Some of the home support services that I provide are:

*Assistance to the mother for the postpartum care of her body as well as following her doctor’s discharge orders for recovery.

*Assistance in providing nutritious snacks and meals. Keeping the mother well hydrated and nourished so she can recover from birth and be able to successfully breastfeed.

*Validation and enhancing of the mother’s ability to nurture and care for her new baby/babies.

*Assistance with breastfeeding and/or supplement feeding of baby.

*Accompanying the mother to her pediatric and/or obstetric visits.

*Running errands such as groceries, baby supplies and medications.

*Instruction, education, demonstration and assistance with newborn care to include feeding, burping, diapering, dressing, soothing, comforting, sleep safely issues, parent-child bonding, coping skills and relaxation skills.

*Watchful eye for medical problems that may require the attention of the pediatrician such as hydration, keeping track of wet/stool diapers, monitoring of jaundice and clogged tear ducts.

*Doing laundry, changing bed linens, light clean up of kitchen and dishes so mom can relax and spend time with her baby/babies.

I can alleviate stress by offering household organization, preparing meals, loading the dishwasher or doing laundry. New moms often feel like they are neglecting their home and other family members while they are meeting the needs of the new baby. If some of the daily tasks can be completed by me, the mom can concentrate on bonding and feeding her infant. By providing non-judgemental support and guidance, I can create a safe environment to ask questions. I have been helping families for over 16 years and feel truly blessed to be a part of your family.

Contact Information:
(619) 665-5691



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