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Tess De la Garma

Sidekick Doula
Certified Birth Doula (DONA)

tessMy name is Tess, and I love being in what we call, Labor Land. A magical world where a laboring woman uses her superpowers such as oxytocin to find that she is a Super Hero, a Wonder Woman.
This is where I come in, because every Super Hero needs their own sidekick.
I’m a DONA trained birth doula, CLEC (Certified Lactation Educator Counselor), yoga instructor- ryt200, and baker of lactation cookies. I am a mother to my own little sidekick son, Anakin -(which is how my website name came about) and wife to an ironman husband.
I am here to empower you, support you emotionally, physically and informationally, and to help you achieve your dream birth.

Your superpowers are…

~giving birth

My powers are…

~coaching you with empowering words

~empowering you with words that will keep you committed

~keeping you committed because I have kept you informed to make the best decision for you

~recommending and assisting you with positions that can help progress your labor

~breathing with you*

~therapeutic touch

~loving you


~essential oils


Contact Information:
(619) 794-8068



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