Childbirth education can make a significant difference to how your labor and delivery process goes, as well as making your transition to parenthood a smoother one. We have listed a broad overview of the major types of childbirth preparation for your consideration.

Private classes are available from our doulas that are also childbirth educators in these different styles. You can find them by clicking here.

Types of Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Preparation Classes
Prepares the parents-to-be for an informed, flexible approach to the childbirth experience by providing information, coping techniques, comfort measures and options for your birth. These classes are taught by Certified Childbirth Educators, currently teaching in area hospitals, home, or other locations. These classes are taught with the motto of the International Childbirth Education Association: “Freedom of Choice based on knowledge of Alternatives.” Contact the hospital you will be delivering at for choices of parent education classes.

Bradley Method
This is also known as “husband-coached childbirth” and is a method of natural childbirth created by Dr. Robert A. Bradley and popularized by his book Husband-Coached Childbirth. Teachers of the Bradley Method believe that – with adequate preparation, education and help from a loving, supportive coach – most women can give birth naturally, without drugs or surgery. The Bradley Method emphasizes measures that can be taken to help keep women healthy and low-risk in order to avoid complications that may lead to medical intervention.

ClassLamaze International
Lamaze promotes a natural, healthy and safe approach to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting. Knowing that pregnancy and childbirth can be demanding on a woman’s body and mind, Lamaze serves as a resource for information about what to expect and what choices are available during the childbearing years.

Birthing From Within®
Birthing From Within® childbirth preparation inspires expecting couples to explore their deepest questions to prepare themselves for birth and the life that follows. Through birth art, innovative pain coping practices & exploration processes, you will gain tools and skills to be resourceful in your experience giving birth. These workshops are alive, their direction depends on what you order up, so please feel free to
bring your knowledge, questions & thoughts.

Hypnobabies is a very successful 6 week complete childbirth education course using Gerald Kein’s Painless Childbirth techniques instead of simple relaxation, breathing or guided imagery. This allows our Hypno-Moms to enjoy “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis”, easily remaining deeply in hypnosis while walking, talking changing positions; being as mobile as they would like to be during childbirth.

HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method – is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. HypnoBirthing® provides the missing link that allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing. Emphasis is placed on pregnancy and childbirth, as well as on pre-birth parenting and the consciousness of the pre-born baby.

Breastfeeding Education
Knowing the basics of breastfeeding and the cues that your baby provides can be achieved with knowledge through breastfeeding education classes. Contact the hospital you will be delivering at for choices in breastfeeding education.

There are Certified Lactation Educators/Counselors and even one Certified Lactation Consultant who are affiliated with Beautiful Beginnings who can be contacted to come to your home for in-home classes and support. You can find them by clicking here. Beautiful Beginnings is a member of the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition.

Baby Care
How do you care for a new baby? Classes in Baby Care Basics can help you to know the technques for taking care of a baby! Classes are available in the community and we have doulas who can provide private classes as well. Contact the hospital you will be delivering at for choices in baby care classes.

Happiest Baby on the Block
BabyThis course explains how calming even the fussiest of infants is easy once you can see the world from their point of view. Inside the womb newborns are continually fed, shushed, jiggled and cuddled, but have trouble adjusting to those first three months outside the womb. With the approach of Dr. Harvey Karp and his nationally acclaimed program, you will learn how to calm your crying baby in minutes.. even seconds! Master this extraordinary approach and learn about The Missing 4th Trimester, The Calming Reflex, The 5 S’s and The Cuddle Cure.

Are you interested in becoming trained to be a Certified Childbirth
Our local trainer, Stacey Scarborough, can help you with the process
through the International Childbirth Education Association. For more
information, please visit Stacey’s website:

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