Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum DoulaWhat is a Postpartum Doula?

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A doula is a “woman caregiver”: someone who is experienced and trained to help the new mother and family. This very important service provides knowledgeable, caring, and personal support during those first few weeks as new parents.

Childbirth preparation classes prepare you for the birth experience, but often there is not enough preparation for the new role as parents and how your life will change once the baby is brought home from the hospital. Extra hands-on experience can ease feelings of apprehension and uncertainty. A postpartum doula’s role is to come into the home to help the new family.

Many doulas are very experienced working with multiples, screening for postpartum mood situations, and surrogate/adoptive parents. Doulas can offer referrals to local community resources upon request.

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Postpartum DoulaWhat services does a Postpartum Doula provide?

Physical comfort to the new mother:

  • Helps mother to care for her postpartum body
  • Encourages mom to eat properly and drink plenty of fluids
  • Allows her to rest when baby is resting or shower and nurture herself
  • Supports her choice to breast or bottle feed

Emotional support for the new family:

  • Listens to the story of the birth
  • Validate the normal adjustment process
  • Supports mother through emotional vulnerablity
  • Supports father through transition to new role
  • Supports silblings in their new roles

Guidance in infant care:

  • Supports mom and partner in their feeding choices
  • Gives information on newborn care recommendations
  • Aids parents in developing their own styles of nurturing and bonding with the baby
  • Solutions to common breastfeeding challenges in the first weeks
  • Proper storage of breastmilk and formula
  • Pumping information and guidance

Household assistance, if requested

  • Prepare meals and snacks for the new mother and family
  • Cleans & prepares bottles and helps with nursery set-up
  • Runs errands: shops for food, supplies, etc.
  • May do baby laundry or other light cleaning

Postpartum Doulas do NOT:

  • Evaluate mother’s or baby’s medical condition
  • Take over the care of baby
  • Insist new parents care for their baby in any particular style
  • Do heavy housecleaning (mopping, cleaning bathtubs, etc.)

What does this service cost?

Rates according to the doula’s experience and client’s need.

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