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    Laura is a DONA-certified birth doula and a certified yoga teacher.
    Besides her innate compassionate nature, Laura also attributes her call to doula service to years of raising her three children and teaching yoga. That and many other life learnings have made her into the calm, caring and confident doula she is today.

    Laura continues to take new and refresher courses on labor and birth, and stays abreast of new research and findings.
    Laura also offer private prenatal yoga instruction.

    Having birthed, breastfed and raised three of her own children, Laura feels she has the compassion and understanding to be a valued support to laboring moms and their partners.
    She felt the call to this fulfilling career due to her nurturing nature, and her love, respect and awe of the wonderment of pregnancy and birth. Laura feels that bringing life into the world is the most miraculous experience and she does her best to be a guide in helping create a beautiful memory for moms and their partners. Her intention is to provide moms and partners with caring and encouraging support of their strengths, calmly and without judgement.

    As a practitioner of yoga since the early ’90’s and sharer of the yogic way of living since the early 2000’s, Laura brings what she’s embodied from those teachings to others’ births.
    Laura also enjoys time with friends and family, hiking, going to live music shows, playing pool and pickleball, and creating! 

    Laura takes:
    2-3 birth doula clients per month

    Laura has experience with:

    Laura also offers:
    Yoga/ Fitness Education

    Please inquire directly with Laura for her rates.
    Contact Information:
    (561) 352-5636
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