Meet Birth Doulas

    Sofie Blicher

    Sofie Blicher has a long-term career in holistic as well as western preventative health care and wellness. She started her path with an BA in Psychomotor Therapy and Relaxation from Denmark and has with that knowledge and practice developed a deep sense of understanding for the individual physically, mentally and socially. Her BA also included childbirth preparation education and she knew from then she wanted to support families through this wonderful miracle of bringing life to this world.

    Yoga was always been a part of Sofie’s own well-being, and as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor she offers a space where you can be you with whatever your body, mind and soul bring to the mat in that particular moment. For her, practicing yoga is a creative space where we can explore and learn about our unique bodies and get to adapt to the changes we go through in pregnancy.

    Sofie has over a decade of experience as a fitness instructor and expanded her knowledge of the human body through a Dual MS in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science from San Diego State University. In conjunction with being a yoga instructor and doula, Sofie works as a nutritionist, exercise physiologist and lifestyle educator at Kaiser Permanente where she focuses her work on developing wellness through all aspects of health.

    As a birth doula Sofie offers her knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology combined with her compassionate presence to empower the birthing person and family to make this lifechanging experience of giving birth a beautiful memory. Sofie recently completed her doula schooling and is offering her services at low cost to gain experience and to support you in getting the best birthing experience at an affordable price.

    Sofie Blicher, MS

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