Meet Postpartum Doulas

    Audrey Bogorad pic

    Educating parents on how to care for their newborns is Audrey’s passion. She has over 20 years of experience and has cared for hundreds of families over the years. She mostly works nights but has been known to work days also. Audrey educates new parents on every aspect of raising a new baby. She has experience with multiples and families going through postpartum depression and is very confident in newborn care. Audrey can adapt to any family dynamic and she can be energetic or calm, depending on the situation. She is a great listener and educator and also teaches new parenting classes and a mommy support group.

    Audrey has lived in the San Diego area for 35 years, currently in Central San Diego but willing to travel wherever she is needed. She has two grown daughters and a new grandson. She enjoys Anything to do with the outdoors.


     Prefers to work nights
     Is available for travel
     Is willing to work on holidays

    Audrey has experience with: 

     Sleep Coaching
     Breastfeeding Education
     Sibling Integration
     Cesarean Recovery
     Cooking / Meal Preparation
     Working with Surrogate Familes
     Nanny work
     Postpartum Mood Disorders
     Infant loss

    Audrey also offers:

     Sleep Coaching
     Breastfeeding Education
     Bottle Feeding Education

    Please inquire directly with Audrey for her rates.  Military discount available.

    Contact Information:
    (619) 823-6445
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.